Does it support cloudflare?

Has it violated your terms? Found that many people use cloudflare for DNS resolution


It depends on what you mean:

1.) If you mean Cloudflare’s public resolver ( deSEC domains are fully compatible with it.

2.) If you mean whether you can register a domain name at deSEC (like and then use Cloudflare’s nameservers: No, that’s not possible.

deSEC only offers domain names (under in conjunction with its DNS hosting service.

Why? – It is deSEC’s mission to provide fully automatic DNSSEC hosting. Domain names registered at deSEC have DNSSEC automatically. Domains offered by deSEC are meant as an easy way to benefit from automated DNSSEC hosting.

We do not provide domain registration services for domains that use other nameservers. (deSEC is a DNS organization, not a domain registration company.) If you’d like to use other nameservers, you’ll have to purchase a domain name elsewhere.

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