dynDNS service down?

Is the service for dynDNS currently down? If I want to register a domain on the main page, the “dynDNS account” option is grayed out and only “Managed DNS account” is available. Also if I try to register a new dedyn.io domain from an existing account via the REST API following this scheme I found in another forum post:

curl -X POST https://desec.io/api/v1/domains/ \
    --header "Authorization: Token {token}" \
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data '{"name": "example2.dedyn.io"}'

With that I only get the following error response:
{"name":["This domain name conflicts with an existing zone, or is disallowed by policy."]}%

On the registration page the following notice

It’s likely that we won’t be able to use new domains with dedyn.io with old accounts either.

We are waiting for the situation to develop


Last week, we had thousands of account signups and domain registrations that caused various issues, (e.g. email queue, computationally intense re-signing of the dedyn.io domain every few seconds, and some temporary replication problems).

While we’re happy to make our operations support such numbers, we found that pretty much all of these registrations were not intended to be used with our security-focused DNS hosting service, and instead tried to register a free domain under dedyn.io and then change the NS records to move the domains to Cloudflare.

However, all these setups are invalid (because a child-side NS record change is only half the story; the parent-side NS and DS records would have to be changed, too). It is deSEC’s mission to provide fully automatic DNSSEC hosting. One aspect of this is that all domains under dedyn.io automatically get correct DS records on the parent side.

In other words, domains offered by deSEC are meant as an easy way to benefit from automated DNSSEC hosting, and the way they are set up is incompatible with using external nameservers (see: Does it support cloudflare? - #2 by peter).

First, existing domains continue to work.

Second, we are not planning to permanently suspend registration of dedyn.io domains. We’re planning to re-enable it after making some improvements (such as avoiding the above problems). However, we don’t have an ETA for this yet.

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Thanks for your answer!

Is this also the reason for the REFUSED error message while trying to renew a Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate via DNS Challenge for an existing dedyn.io domain?

error message:

... last error: NS ns1.desec.io. returned REFUSED for _acme-challenge......

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So no, probably a different issue.

Note: I have never used the DNS-01 challenge type or wildcard certificates with deSEC/Let’s Encrypt. So I can only take guesses.

Maybe your token is invalid/expired?

Or you are exceeding the Rate Limits?


Do you think there’s a connection to Freenom leaving the domain market?

No. There’s a connection to YouTube videos from Asia, suggesting one could use dedyn names for setting up Cloudflare workers.

(One cannot, because this would require delegating the domain to Cloudflare, and we don’t do that. deSEC is not a full-fledged registry.)

Since this occurred, we’re still getting 20-30 support tickets every week from people trying to do that. Pretty annoying.

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That’s weird. Please contact support.

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Hi patrick,

Have you found a solution to your problem?

I have a similar error message when I try to renew my wildcard certificate via traefik or lego.

The problem was that I had installed a * CNAME on my domain that pointed to my myfritz.net address. This worked perfectly for several years.

Recently traefik/lego checks such CNAME entries before it tries to create the TXT record _acme-challenge which is needed for the check. As far as I understand it, it tries to create the _acme-challenge entry at myfritz.net which led to the REFUSED in my case.

Solution was to deactivate the CNAME check in traefik/lego with the environment variable

Maybe this will also help you.

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