Export of Zone Files

Hi and Moin :slight_smile:

First of all: I am super happy with this. Dont understand me wrong please in the next part. I really appreciate deSec for DNS and it served my domains very well. I simply need more flexibility for different stuff :slight_smile:

Question: As above mentioned I am going to need more flexibility. Clicking the web interface is nice but it is just too slow for me as I regularly add and remove subdomains for different projects. I am fully aware of the API and it is great for Letsencrypt :slight_smile:
I however want to move over to a selfhosted bind9 master on my server. So I was wondering if there is a convenient way of exporting my zones from desec without needing to fully retype them by hand. Is that something desec currently allows and if so how can I do that? :slight_smile:

Hi MTRNord,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You can retrieve all RRsets from your zone using our API, and then manually apply any conversions you may need.

Our API currently does not support zone file export directly. If you require a zone file in text format, please get in touch by email, and we can send an export to you.

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