Go Dev needed for fixing DNScontrol

Hi all, I love desec but it’s most useful in combination with StackExchange’s DNScontrol. Unfortunately, a bug is preventing from updating long strings, e.g. a DKIM pub key. I am not a Go Dev but would be very grateful, if someone could fix it. I will check and test and give feedback, if needed.

Best regards,

Hi Max,

Thanks for bringing this up. We’re not Go experts and not directly involved with dnscontrol, but I provided some information to the issue which may help resolving it. Hope there will be a fix soon!

Stay secure,

Hi Peter, thanks a lot. Since I am @xbra at GitHub, you might have seen that I am perfectly aware of the situation that it’s not your fault and I highly appreciate your help here — maybe you triggered a solution now.
Thank you once again.