How should i configure ptr records?

what should i input in subname and target hostname for ptr records ?
i am tryin to setup ptr for reverse dns to make mail server…
i did everything but mail tester website still says “Your mail server Reverse DNS is not properly configured.”

what should i do ?
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It is important to know that you do not have to edit the DNS zone of your domain (e.g for this, but the DNS zone of your IP address (e.g

Can you post the output of the following commands here?

dig -x <ip-of-your-mailserver> ptr
dig -x <ip-of-your-mailserver> ns

If you run your email server with a common vServer provider (Amazon, Digital Ocean, Hetzner, etc.), it is usually the case that the provider manages the DNS zone of the IP address. To set the PTR, there is sometimes a feature in the administration interface or you have to write to the support.