How to create API token with right to manage tokens?


I’m having trouble creating an API token with the "perm_manage_tokens": true setting.

New deSEC Managed DNS account, no domains/zones. Login via web interface works.

I click in the tab »Token Management«, then click on »+« and fill in a name for the token, e.g. »test«.

Note: There is no option to change the permissions here, only some scoping for source IPs and validity under »Advanced settings«.

After creating the token (and noting the value) I see the entry in the list. The column »Can manage tokens« in the »Show advanced settings« view is empty and there are no clickable elements in the column.

Alternatively trying to create such a token using the API fails because my existing tokens lack permission to manage tokens. Kind of catch-22!

I created a zone and tried again with the same results.

Am I doing something wrong or have I stumbled on a bug?


Hi fiwswe,

Thanks for the report – this is a regression due to a recent minor refactor of some GUI code. Good catch, thanks for letting us know!

The issue is being addressed in and expected to be deployed later today has been deployed.

Stay secure,

Thanks! It’s working fine now.