How to create CAA Records


How could I create CAA records?

Hi Ron,

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For creating records, please see The example there is about an A record. CAA records can be created in the same way (you just need to replace the relevant values).

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Hi Peter,
I think the issue I’ve are the text parts in the record. I tried several commands, but nothing happens. I’m using a Windows computer so I’ve to change the curl order. This is what I try:
echo {“subname”: “”, “type”: “CAA”, “ttl”: 3600, “records”: [“0 iodef “mailto:{email address}””,"0 issue “”, “0 issuewild “;””]} | curl -X POST{domain}/rrsets/ --header “Authorization: Token “{token}”” --header “Content-Type: application/json” --data @-

I’ve found it:
echo {“subname”: “”, “type”: “CAA”, “ttl”: 3600, “records”: [“0 iodef “mailto::email address””,“0 issue “””, “0 issuewild “;””]} | curl -X POST{domain}/rrsets/ --header “Authorization: Token “{token}”” --header “Content-Type: application/json” --data @-

Hi @Ron,
I recommend using dnscontrol.

They support desec and have a CAA builder function


When trying to set “0 issuewild ;” as CAA record to prevent anyone from issuing wildcard certificates for my domain, an error occurs. Seems like this was also the issue that Ron was running into.

Hi jotto,

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It works when putting quotes around the ;, as explained in the CAA specification.

(When using the API, you also need to make sure to escape these quotes, i.e. send "records": ["0 issuewild \";\""].)

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