Letsencrypt hook with non-dedyn domain?


is there a specific reason why the letsencrypt hook script appears to be specifically for dedyn domains only?

Is your own domain not supported?

Hi appliedprivacy,

The certbot hook script was developed when we did not offer Managed DNS hosting for custom domains yet. Back in the early days, we only did dynDNS hosting.

We never got around to update the script, and native support from ACME clients is increasing (see Tools implementing deSEC). However, if someone wants to generalize our certbot-hook, we’ll be grateful for the contribution!

Stay secure,

my observations for readers looking at this.

If you only need a single hostname in the certificate the current version of the hook script works out of the box if you have no additional dot after the zone name.
your zone: example.com
requested hostname: www.example.com -> works out of the box
requested hostname: 1.www.example.com -> does not work (requires modifications)
I made a small modification to the hook script to work also in this case by asking the user to provide the zone name, but that is very limited and manual.

I ended up using lego https://go-acme.github.io/lego/dns/desec/