Register a new domain name

I did not get a domain name and I now want to register a domain name for my use, who do I contact?

The sign-up page has the following warning:

dynDNS registrations are suspended at this time. We do not process requests for exceptions.
Please do not contact support about this. You will have to register a domain elsewhere.

You cannot register a domain name at deSEC at this time.

Stay secure,


You can register a domain name at a domain name registrar like Porkbun,Dynadot.

Yeah using your own domain with deSEC is great. Highly recommend going that route for your dynamic dns needs right now. I used amazon route 53 which works perfect for combining with deSEC since you wont need a zone with route 53 which would cost a little more. Also I believe route 53 is like your cheapest ongoing option with the renewal pricing.

I just want to have a free domain name, is that so hard, sad

@admin666: With that attitude you are not exactly motivating the people at deSEC to change the status quo.

deSEC e.V.'s mission is not to to provide free domain names but to to propagate the use of DNSSEC. Running a DDNS service for free was just a handy but non-essential extension of the mission. @Peter has stated the reasons for suspending the creation of new subdomains. In a nutshell it was a significant number of people trying to sponge off these free domain names and then trying to repurpose them for something else.

Provide a solution to those problems instead of whining and Iā€™m sure the suspension will be lifted at some point. Or just register a domain name somewhere else.


Try for a third level domain or get a .cn domain for less than $1/month:
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Are there any chances for the domain service to be renewed in the future?

Yes, but there is no ETA.