Subdomains for Let's Encrypt

Is it possible to use the deSEC API to create a certificate for a subdomain? I initially tried setting up with:

export DEDYN_TOKEN=mytoken

and running: --issue --dns dns_desec -d

I then tried changing DEDYN_NAME to just the second level domain. I been getting either a 400 or 404 error depending on which setup I try, and I’ve now been rate limited.

Hi Owad,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

It is certainly possible to use the deSEC API to publish the ACME challenge for a subdomain certificate. However, it may be the case that is not utilizing our API correctly. I suggest to open an issue in their bug tracker.

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Is “” the correct format, both for DEDYN_NAME and for the’s -d option?

HI Owad,

I am not sure, as I am not a user of