Temporary disabling records

Dear community,

First of all I want to thank the deSEC team for this great service.

One question, may I missed something but is it possible to temporary disable (not delete) DNS records in the Domain Management web interface or via API?


Simple answer: Not to my knowledge

Read the documentation and you will not find any field that would carry this meta-information.

AFAIK the web-UI builds on top of the API so it doesn’t have this either.

The workaround, if you find yourself doing this often, would be to use the API to dump the data, delete the record and later restore the dumped data via API. Otherwise I’d just document or dump the old data and manually recreate if needed.

Note: It might be a good idea to backup a dump of the RRs occasionally in any case — just to have a backup in case of some catastrophic failure. Something like that would be fairly simple to automate.

But this is all Open Source, so you could submit a patch to add that functionality for evaluation.