Transfer deSec domain to Cloudflare


is it possible to transfer a domain created with deSec (f.e. to Cloudflare?
I am currently trying to do this to test some of Cloudflares features.

To achieve this I configured the DNS servers (that Cloudflare provided during the transfer process) in the DNS zone of my deSec domain.

After 15 minutes the Cloudflare interface said that the transfer was complete. So I deleted all the leftover records in the deSec DNS zone except for the two NS records. Just a few minutes later I noticed that the domain was not reachable anymore because deSec is still managing the domain.

So this got me thinking if deSec does support/allow the transfer of deSec-subdomains to another DNS provider?

In my understanding: To make this possible, you would not have to edit the ns record in the dns zone, but the ns record for the subdomain example in the dns zone

I don’t think deSEC allows that.

(Alternatively, Cloudflare can also be used without a name server change. However, this requires a Cloudflare Business Plan. Cloudflare calls this “CNAME Setup” on their pricing page.)

In addition to the NS glue record issue already mentioned, here is another thing to consider:

Does Cloudflare offer DNSSEC? If not §4 of the deSEC Terms of Use might apply?

At any rate I don’t think you should equate deSEC e.V. with a classical domain registry, e.g. DENIC eG, etc. deSEC e.V. offers free DNS services with a focus and declared purpose of propagating the use of DNSSEC. Delegating subdomains to other DNS providers that (possibly) don’t implement DNSSEC runs counter to this goal.

Also your example of should probably be I don’t think it is possible for a user to create a subdomain of


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