Unable to add domain got deleted by mistake

My friend deleted two domains by mistake

Now he can’t add it back ether I can

Sadly we can’t register new dedyn.io subdomains at this time.

Seems there was a problem with to many faulty new domain registrations: dynDNS service down? - #3 by peter

I also hope this issue is resolved quickly.

Thank your friend for reducing the workload on deSEC’s name servers :wink:

And don’t give him/her any credentials to your accounts, lest yours get mistakenly deleted as well.

Seriously though, if you can’t wait for deSEC e.V. to resolve/mitigate the issues that caused them to suspend registration of dedyn.io subdomains, register a domain name somewhere else, set up deSEC to handle that domain (zone, name servers and DS records) then use that domain.

If you need DDNS support, i.e. short TTLs, then you’d need to contact deSEC support to ask them to set the minimum TTL for the zone to 60s. See minimum_ttl here.


Not sure how it worked in the past but with my domain all A records which get updated by dynamic dns get automatically changed to 60s TTL. Pretty slick.