Update all hosts with one link (FRITZ!Box)


I’d like to update all my hosts with IPv4 and IPv6 with a single update link as my FRITZ!Box only supports a single DynDNS entry.

several subdomains (e. g. mail.blabla.com)

Is there a possibility to set a single update hostname for my FRITZ!Box that updates all A/AAAA entries for the hostnames mentioned above?

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Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

Each update request can only set the IP address(es) for one host. However, you can create CNAME records for the other hosts which point to the one which has the IP address(es). This way, the IP address(es) will automatically be applicable for the other hosts too (think of CNAME as an alias on DNS level).

In your example, you can create a CNAME record for the mail subdomain, and the value (target) of the record would be blabla.com..

To set up these records, you can either use our web interface or our API.

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The documentation of the API say to use a token instead of the password for the setup in the FritzBox.
The Fritz Box has no method the access the token from desSEC.
Has anybody a idea how to get a lifetime “token value” within the dessec.io API.
I see only “tokens” valid for a few minutes.