What is the nameserver address of Desec?


I have a domain and I am looking to enter Desec.io nameserver for my domain. but I cannot find the nameserver address/IP. I would appreciate if anyone can share the nameserver address/IP.


You should see the NS entries for you domain when you query your RRsets via the API. I am not sure if they are the same for every domain (at least it seems there are more similar names registered in DNS), but for me they are

ns1.desec.io  (
ns2.desec.org (

When setting up your domain, don’t forget to also add your DNSSEC keys to your domain’s DNS (if supported by your registrar).


Hi dan.graves101!

Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC :slight_smile:

Another way to get our nameservers is logging into our web interface, and clicking on the info button right next to your domain name.

We do not recommend adding the IP addresses, as they may (and will!) change over time. (Also, don’t forget the IPv6 addresses :wink: )

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