Wildcard subdomains

First, thank you for making Desec!

I’m trying to move the NS of an existing domain to desec. I’ve got a question regarding subdomains and wildcard domains. Normally I would add a separate record for each subdomain (e.g. A or CNAME). Do I also need to add a record for a catch-all which would automatically send any not existing subdomain to e.g. www (like notexisting.example.com -> www.example.com).
Related to that is the setup of e.g. example.com. Does that automatically create the www.example.com subdomain?

(I’m using the DOT notation because as a new user, I’m not allowed to post more than 2 links.)

Hi user11,

Thanks for your question, and welcome to deSEC!

We do not automatically create wildcard records, so if you don’t create www or a wildcard record, there will be no DNS information available for the www subdomain.

You can easily create a wildcard record by setting * as the subdomain.

Does that answer you question?

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Hi @peter ,
Thank you that helps a lot. Is there a place where I can do a pull request on the docs to add this information?

Hi user11,

You can find the documentation here: https://github.com/desec-io/desec-stack/tree/master/docs

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