RRset with the same subdomain and type exists for this domain.(newbie question, I know this has been awnsered)

Hello there.
so excuse me for not understanding, but I have the some problem mentioned here.
however, I do not understand the solution (How it’s managed through your api or whatever). Could you maybe explain further (less technical), since well, this might be how dns works, but it sucks since this downgrades this otherwise great service (other providers might have a built-in way to buypass this or whatever, much easier to access.)

Hi Masses4310,

welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

You can also achieve the solution mentioned in the post you are linking to though the GUI. Log in at desec.io, and select the domain that you want to edit. In the list of record sets for the domain, look for the table row describing the MX record. In that row, at the bottom of the content column, there is a button for “add another value”. Click the button, fill in the values (priority and host name), and click the floppy disk icon on the far right to save your changes.

Hope this helps,

Hey Nils,

thanks a lot! that worked :smile: pretty easy option, I just didn’t see it!