Second RRset for existing subdomain / domain

How to create a second MX RRset for another server with lower priority?

Or a TXT entry for SPF exists and you need another one for a domain verification e.g. Microsoft 365?
(I know they should to verify this with DNSSEC :wink:)

I receive the error “Another RRset with the same subdomain and type exists for this domain.”

thanks in advance

Hi Matthias,

By definition, you can only have one RRset with the same subname and type. This is the way DNS works.

You probably want to modify your existing RRset to add another record. Take a look here:

If you follow these instructions and use PATCH on the RRset-specific endpoint, you only need to specify {"records": ["value1", "value2", ...]} in the payload. You can skip all the other fields (ttl, subname, type). (If you want to keep existing records, you will have to repeat their values.)

Stay secure,

thank you.

who reads is at an advantage. now it makes perfect sense

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